Perfect atmosphere for exercise and accelerated release toxic from your body

PowerSlim Active gives you maximum release toxic support with immediate results. Exercise without soreness, increasing physical fitness by capturing the benefits of the ionization and infrared. Our patented method harnesses the synergy of infrared radiation and ionization which is coupled with balancing movement.

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12 Weeks Cancer Essentials Retreat

Maximum 15 people for each season

Schedule for 2017

Winter retreat
Mon Jun 5 - Mon Aug 28 of 2017
Spring retreat
Mon Sep 4 - Mon Nov 27 of 2017

Schedule for 2018

Autumn retreat
Mon Mar 5 - Fri May 25 of 2018
Winter retreat
Mon Jun 4 - Mon Aug 27 of 2018
Spring retreat
Mon Sep 3 - Mon Nov 26 of 2018

Why we specialize in cancer without surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and drugs

The words of author Roger Mason tell us our Western diet and lifestyles are the cause of the rise of cancer in our society. “There will never be a medical cure for cancer. The real cure has always been getting in harmony with natural laws. The phoney “war on cancer” has done nothing but waste money on allopathic studies, covering up the symptoms with radiation, surgery, and drugs. The cancer rates continue to rise, year after year. This is neither random nor caused by events beyond our control. Certainly there are minor genetic and environmental influences, but our diet and lifestyle are the basic causes. Diseases are a wake-up call from Nature for us to change our direction. This is not a “war” or a “fight” at all. When you are ill, Nature is telling you something is wrong, and you need to correct it. This is not some kind of battle at all, as we all are told. Most people eat twice the calories we need, five times the fat we need, twice the protein we need, and 160 pounds of various sugars we don’t need at all. God knows how many toxic prescription drugs, and how much coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes we use. Add an endless variety of refined foods full of chemicals, preservatives, additives, and colourings we swill down. Then we wonder why we have such high rates of disease!” – *Roger Mason*

With this philosophy we will assist cancer patients:

  • Live happily and healthfully at our superb Hearty Centre for up to three months’ duration.
  • Reduce their need for daily medicine.
  • Relieve incurable diseases.
  • Manage their diseases through diet and lifestyle.
  • Keep costs low.

Our Approach

Our Approach